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Governance is the process of voting for changes in a blockchain currently in cryptocurrency. When people vote using the current governance model, it favours the biggest coin holders due to voting power being dictated by your stake in the coin. This causes a voting power imbalance and potential issues such as 51% attacks.


With Dian democratic governance system, each individual gets a single wallet with a single vote. Each month Dian will hold a session where users can create and vote for changes to the cryptocurrency. Once you vote for a proposition, you cannot vote for another during that session, and your vote will always count as 1 point no matter your coin balance.


Users will be able to stake coins with multiple options for the APY; the higher the API, the longer the lockup period is. During the lockup period, users cannot transfer the coins put into the staking wallet. The more total coins staked, the lower the APY becomes.

The rates are:

Coins are unlocked and can be
withdrawn anytime

coins are locked for one month

Coins are locked for 3 months

The DND token is an incredible asset. It deflates rapidly. It earns non-inflationary yield. It gets bought back and a monthly report will be shared.

Wallet addresses can be a hassle when it comes to coin transfers. Dian is adopting a fresh approach to the transferring of funds across. Our exchange will allow users to transfer tokens seamlessly within it’s ecosystem, by the use of user ID/Username.

Introducing the home for all of Dian Token features, Dian Exchange . The Exchange is an iOS, Android and desktop Exchange application that allows for all the features Dian Token has to offer.

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